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Breech or Overdue?
Breech - Have you been told that your baby is breech, posterior (baby's back toward your spine) or in a funky position.  As for breech, babies should be heading head down by 32 weeks.  By 37 weeks the probability of a breech baby turning decreases significantly. While it is true that babies are known to turn before birth and even during labor, waiting this long is not a usual option for many moms.  So it is best to have the knowledge and support earlier.  Has your care provider recommended that you start doing inversions?  Have you been referred to the Spinning Babies website?  Do you need help making sense of it all?  I provide a hands-on body balancing unwinding practice based on my skilled training with the developer of Spinning Babies; midwife-trained in Mexican rebozo shawl techniques; therapeutic yoga; guided imagery and acupressure.  You will go home with the knowledge of body mechanics and the skills and confidence to continue your routine at home.

Overdue - Are you over 40 weeks and being faced with an imminent medical induction?  Has your care provider given you the blessing to go ahead and try to induce naturally?  I provide a natural induction protocol which includes acupressure, guided imagery, hands-on body balancing unwinding work, the tricks of the trade and a little magic.  You will go home with information and skills to continue at home.

Both of these sessions.  Investment: $85